St Abbs Lifeboat comes to the assistance of one of Our Fishermen

Lifeboat LaunchOur fishermen are the backbone of the community. They wake early before the sun has risen and head down to the harbour to take to the sea single-handed in their wee boats. It’s hard work hauling hundreds of lobster pots a day, and it’s also dangerous. Working single-handed, among the rocks, you have to be careful for if something goes wrong assistance isn’t immediately at hand. That’s why our fishermen rely on our Lifeboat.

And this morning when one of our fishermen’s small boats got its propeller caught in a rope, the St Abbs lifeboat was just minutes away.

The boat had fouled its propellor near the rocks in Horsecastle Bay. The alarm was raised and the St Abbs Lifeboat lauch at 7:30am this morning. And was alongside the fouled boat within a few minutes of lauching. After ascertaining the situation one of our crew members entered the water and cut the rope fouling the properllor away The  lifeboat and fishing boat then returned safely to St Abbs harbour.

The RNLI Executive’s proposal to close the St Abbs Lifeboat Station will put our fishermen at risk. These hardworking men deserve better from the charity who’s goal is to “Save Lives at Sea”.

Please sign our online petition and help us keep our fishermen safe.


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