Meet The Team

Every crew member donates their time and skills to save and protect lives along our coastline. We currently have 20 boat crew in addition to shore support crew, fundraisers, trustees and committee members, all of whom bring a wide range of skills and experiences to the overall team. Together the team ensures the boat and crew are ready to respond on a 24 hours-a-day basis, 365 days a year.

In addition to our local volunteers, we also are particularly proud that we have the support of our Medical Advisors. These professionals volunteer their time to guide us, assist us with our training and they ensure that our medical standards remain exceptionally high. This is important for us as a high proportion of our “shouts” are medical emergencies to stricken scuba divers.


Mark Wardle
Launch Operations Manager
Operational Committee

David Wilson
Chair of Operational Committee

Graeme Crowe

Paul Crowe
Operational Committee

Chair of Trustees

John George Wilson
Coxwain/Assistant Mechanic

Barry Shaw
Secretary of Operational Committee

Roberta Mc Math
Training Officer

Susan Barry
Michael Beck
Paul Bury
Duncan Crowe
Keith Hood
Julie McBirnie
Kevin McClure
Brian Perks
Phillip Rutherford
Jamie Smith
Graeme Thom
Ian Wightman
Ewan Wilson
Danny Wright

Shore Support Crew & Medical Advisors

Deputy Launch Authority
Alistair Crowe
James Crowe
Leonard Crowe
Steven Wilson Hood
Angus Skene
Jim Wilson

Shore Crew
Richard Barry
Richard Burnett
Max Maxwell
Andy Sargent

Medical Advisors
Ross Archibald, Consultant in emergency medicine at St John’s Hospital and Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, 
Lyle Moncur, Consultant in emergency medicine and major trauma at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary


Chair of Trustees
Paul Crowe

Hugh Barry
Ruth Hair
John Lamont (MP)
Jamie Miller
Stephen Nesbitt
Barry Shaw
David Wilson


Operational Committee Members

David Wilson

Barry Shaw

Ruth Hair

Chair of Fundraising
Helen Gibson

Collections Coordinators
Pauline Hood
Norman Wood
Sandra Ross (5p Pots)

Alistair Crowe
Paul Crowe
Maria Maxwell
Gus Skene
Mark Wardle
Roberta McMath

Our Retail & Fundraising Team

Helen Gibson
Jean Bennett
Barbra Davies
Matt Elliott
Alison Forsyth
Joanna Gibson
Joyce Guthrie
Helen Hardwick
Caroline Higgitt
Anne Mason
Maria Maxwell
Pip Millard
Jennifer Mole

Karen Murray
Karren Orr
Linda Perryman
Sandra Ross
Lesley Safford
Frances Sallabanks
Lorraine Sinclair
Moira Skene
Frankie Taylor
Liz Thomas
Sally Walsh
Lyn Warholm
Margaret Wilson
Margaret Grant Wilson
Sheila Wilson

Photo Credits Richard Eyres