Paul Boissier – We’re travelling the 450 miles to deliver the “Save St Abbs Lifeboat” petition to you personally

The petition will be hand-delivered to the RNLI HQ in Poole next Tuesday 1st September.

The sheer numbers of people who are deeply concerned about this proposed closure demands that it goes directly to the executives of the RNLI who have made this flawed, heavily criticised and dangerous decision.

You still have time to sign the online petition.

The paper petitions numbering approximately 5,300 plus a cover sheet representing the online signatures of approximately 7,200 (and climbing) will be handed over by two members of St Abbs lifeboat crew, and one lifeboat committee member.

12,500 people is a huge number and we thank each and every one of you. We have also had wonderful backing from organisations and individuals like the National Trust for Scotland, the Scottish Sub Aqua Club The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) the Scottish Minister for Community safety, our local MP and MSPs, 46 MPs who signed the Early Day Motion in the Commons and Scottish Borders Council…. all have expressed deep concern about this closure.

That is without mentioning the thousands of RNLI contributors and supporters who have contacted us individually expressing their concern…. a phrase we have seen regularly is “I pay in to the RNLI to help keep stations open, not to see them shut”.

The few highly-paid executives making this decision must listen to the people who make the charitable donations from which they draw their salaries, if they won’t listen to them, then who to?

The RNLI only exists due to the generosity of the British public, and they should remember who provides the money that pays their wages.

The unpaid volunteer crews around the UK need their support, and decisions like this undermine the extraordinary hard work the amazing crews put in on a daily basis.

Thank you to everyone from all round the UK and beyond for your continued support.

St Abbs Lifeboat Crew

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