Thomas Tunnock Launched to Aid Stricken Trawler

The St Abbs Lifeboat “Thomas Tunnock” was launched at approximately 1.30pm on the 6 Feburary 2017 to go to the assistance of the Eyemouth based trawler “Boy Andrew, LH316” which had fouled her propellor.

Boy AndrewBoy Andrew, LH 316 bearthed in Eyemouth Harbour

After fouling her propellor the skipper of the Boy Andrew directly requested the assistance of St Abbs Lifeboat. While the St Abbs Lifeboat is not yet a declared facility, we are able to activiate the paging system locally to shout the crew out to a call.

In deteriorating sea conditions and freshening winds the stricken trawler was taken under tow by fellow Eyemouth based trawler “Our Catherine, BRD 77” with the St Abbs Lifeboat acting as the  brake vessel.

The small flotilla brought the stricken trawler and her crew safely back to her berth  in Eyemouth harbour.

Declared Facility Status 
St Abbs Lifeboat is currently working with H.M. Coastguard to achieve “Declared Facility Status”. This means that we will become an officially recognised part of the UK’s maritime search and rescue emergency services. And we will be tasked by the Coastguard to respond to any call outs in our area.

In this case the skipper of the trawler had contact details for a member of our team.  However if you see an emergency at sea you should dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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