Thomas Tunnock Launches to Assist Trawler

The St Abbs Lifeboat “Thomas Tunnock” was launched this morning (9 Feburary 2017) at 9:15am to go to the assistance of the Eyemouth based trawler “Our Catherine, BRD 77” which was already under tow by the Eyemouth RNLI All Weather Lifeboat.

Derek Anderson’s video of Eyemouth Lifeboat, Our Catherine and the St Abbs Lifeboat “Thomas Tunnock” entering Eyemouth Harbour.

“Our Catherine” had lost drive to her propellor a mile to the south east of Eyemouth Harbour. St Abbs Lifeboat took position astern of the trawler to act as a brake, and all three boats safely entered Eyemouth Harbour.

ey_6 Our Catherine, BRD 77 bearthed in Eyemouth Harbour

St Abbs Lifeboat then returned to the station, was refuelled and made ready for service.


If you see an emergency at sea you should dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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