St Abbs Lifeboat Searches for Missing Surfer, Joined by RAF Sea King

call out for surferThe St Abbs lifeboat was called out today 6:20pm (23rd August 2015) to search for a missing surfer at Coldingham Sands. The St Abbs lifeboat was joined in the search by the RAF Sea King SAR Helicopter based out of Boulmer, Northumberland.

Luckily the search for the surfer was called off when it was established that everyone surfing at Coldingham Sands had been accounted for.

Sadly the search and rescue (SAR) helicopters based out of RAF Boulmer will be withdrawn from the 1st October 2015.  This means instead of the helicopters travelling from Boulmer – 40 miles from St Abbs. The nearest SAR helicopters will be based at Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport – 100 miles from the St Abbs – and Humberside Airport, which is 175 miles away.


Search and Rescue Sea King from RAF Boulmer joins the search

We’d like to thank the SAR crews based out of Boulmer who have saved the lives of so many over the years. And we’ll like to ask the RNLI Executive to reconsider their decision to close the St Abbs Lifeboat Station.

The coast around St Abbs is such a popular water sports location a boat with the capabilities of the B class is required, especially following the loss of the SAR Helicopter based at RAF Boulmer.

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