St Abbs Lifeboat – First on the scene of stricken fishing boat

At 9:47am on the 25th July, The pagers were set off requesting St Abbs Lifeboat to launch. Soon after thethe St Abbs lifeboat was bearing west past Black Carrs and round St Abbs Head, speeding to the aid of a broken down fishing boat nearly 8 miles up the coast in the vicinity of Siccar Point.
Rescue 112 minutes after leaving harbour the St Abbs Lifeboat was on scene, where a local fishing boat was discovered to have suffered a gearbox failure. The two occupants of the boat were safe and well, they had deployed their anchor to prevent them drifting onto the rocks, but were unable to restart their engine. Eyemouth ALB (All weather Life Boat) was also in the area on exercise, and was also tasked to the scene, but was stood down when it was understood St Abbs were with the vessel, and everything was under control.

Rescue 3

A tow was established, and the St Abbs Lifeboat returned the broken down vessel back to St Abbs harbour at a steady 4-5 knots in moderate seas. Once back at St Abbs, the casualty vessel was helped to berth in the old harbour.

The lifeboat then returned to station, refueled, and was ready for service again around 11:30am.

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