Station thanked for a quick response which saved a life

On Saturday 30 May at around 6.45pm members of the public raised the alarm, saying they had seen what they thought was a dive party experiencing difficulties, about 100 meters offshore at the back of St Abbs Harbour.

Members of the St Abbs crew who live and work around the harbour responded immediately. They decided to self- launch the ILB, and within four minutes were on scene at Cathedral Rock dive site. There they found a party of divers attending to one of their group who was in a seriously bad way.cathedralrock

Quickly getting the casualty aboard they realised her breathing was erratic, and that she needed medical treatment straight away. Oxygen was administered on the boat and she was rapidly transferred back to the Harbour and remained under the care of the crew until local paramedics arrived.

Helicoper RescueShe was transferred into the ambulance.  They transported her the short distance up to St Abbs Head where she was placed aboard Rescue 131 from RAF Boulmer, and flown to Aberdeen infirmary.

The casualty was in a serious condition, and had to spend a number of days in hospital. Thankfully she made a full recovery. This incident could have had a totally different outcome if it wasn’t for all those involved acting in the way they did.

This includes the swift and decisive actions of the dive party, responding to the incident when they realised something was wrong underwater. Also, the medical care that was administered at Aberdeen.

Her friend wrote to us to express their thanks:

I was one of the divers out at Cathedral Rock with the injured diver and while we had managed to drag our injured friend on top of the rocks, she was in a bad state, unconscious and barely breathing. She required immediate attention.

The quick response of your crew getting to us, the supply of oxygen to the injured diver and her return to shore and care that followed, in my opinion, saved her life.

It was impressive to see how quickly and organised the volunteers mobilised but also the attention that was given to us who were in various states of shock from the incident was greatly appreciated.

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