Tunnocks Supporting a new St Abbs Lifeboat

St Abbs Lifeboat is delighted to announce that an approach has been received from leading Scottish Company Thomas Tunnock & Sons Ltd. “Tunnocks” involving a new Lifeboat at St Abbs Berwickshire.

It is expected that this will lead to the completion of Stage 1 of the Appeal launched in early Autumn 2015 and enable the resumption of Lifeboat operations at St Abbs in 2016.

The public appeal for a new Lifeboat at St Abbs has already got off to a flying start and the campaign will remain in full swing with a Stage 2 objective of raising a further £250k to provide long term financial support for the St Abbs lifeboat station.

In announcing the approach from Tunnocks Alistair Crowe the Lifeboat Appeal Chairman said:

“This is a highly significant development and the emergence of Tunnocks as a major donor has unanimous support from the Community of St Abbs. On behalf of the St Abbs Community I would like to express my sincere gratitude not only to Tunnocks, but also to all our other donations both big and small.

We look forward to becoming an operational Lifeboat Station at St Abbs again as soon as arrangements can be put in place, which will include a new purpose built boat. There are details still to be agreed with Tunnocks, which will include the name of the new Lifeboat, and a further announcement will be made in due course.”

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