Niall Was Mactuff Enough

On 17th September when the rest of us might have been snuggled up in front of the TV, 7 year old Niall Gray was running 3km in a MacTuff Really Muddy Scotland Challenge to raise money for the lifeboat – and of course to get muddy. The course involves running, climbs, rope work, tunnel crawls and doing things whilst waist deep in mud. Its a true test of mud, water and obstacles. Niall raised a phenomenal £428 for the Lifeboat doing this and it was our very great pleasure to welcome him in the Lifeboat Station yesterday to congratulate him personally on his amazing achievement. We were pleased to see that Niall had managed to remove all the mud otherwise we might have helped him along the way with a dousing from our pressure hose. Thank you Niall. You have raised a huge amount of funds for the Lifeboat, and you are an inspirational young man. We hope that one day you might be interested in joining your uncle as a crew member because we need people who are Mactuff Enough to face any challenge.