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Where does the Whiteadder join the Blackadder? What is the name of the Burn that runs into the sea at Linkim Shore? Where are the remains of St Helens Church? What is the number of the road from Coldingham to Reston? If you don’t know the answers to these questions you wouldn’t have scored well on our “You Know Where You Live?” round at the fundraising quiz this week. You would  however not be alone. Turns out that a packed village hall, full of local people, didn’t know THAT much about their own area either. There was much discussion and debate, much conversation and arguing, mostly about the cost of a pint of milk from the village post office, but at the end of the night everyone was fairly happy that they’d had a good time. Folk seemed keen to do it again, but we will have to let our quizmaster Norman regain his voice first, and let everyone purchase an ordnance survey map and do some homework!

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