Fisherman Saved by St Abbs Lifeboat

St Abbs Lifeboat was called out tonight at 7:55pm (5th August 2015) to go to the aid of a angler in trouble.

The angler was in an inflatable ring with fins and a paddle.  As he rounded West Hurkur, at the northern most point of St Abbs Head, he got caught in the strong tidal race which swept him out to sea.

St Abbs HeadArea where fisherman was recovered.

Fortunately he had a VHF radio with him and was able to contact Aberdeen Coastguard and ask for help. The coastguard  dispatch the St Abbs Lifeboat to his rescue.

He was picked up by the Lifeboat drifting out to sea. He was returned to St Abbs harbour with his craft and we’re glad to report he’s fine.

angler1 angler2

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