A Busy Day for St Abbs Lifeboat

We were called out today to search for a missing diver.

The Thomas Tunnock put to sea at approximately 11:50am and joined dive charter boats searching for the missing diver who had become separated from his buddy on the North West side of St Abbs Head.

He was quickly located on a rocky foreshore just west of Petticowick. Two members of our crew swam in to ascertain his condition. He was exhausted and dehydrated but didn’t require medical attention. With a Coastguard shore team standing by if needed, the diver regained enough strength after a bottle of water and a rest for our two crewmen to help him walk along the shoreline to Petticowick. He was transferred to the Eyemouth Lifeboat who returned him to St Abbs Harbour.

In the meantime, our remaining crew were busy dealing with a shore-based emergency after an elderly lady fell on the harbour and sustained a head injury. The Scottish Ambulance Service was called and she received further attention in the lifeboat station from their crew. She has been taken to hospital as a precaution but is expected to be fine.

Another busy day, and a great example of multi-agency teamwork…

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