Calendar On Sale Now – helping our crew get their kit back on

The St Abbs market traders have come together with the crew of the St Abbs Lifeboat to create a cheeky charity calendar for 2016.

Front CoverThe photographs were taken back in March 2015 before the RNLI announced their decision to close the St Abbs RNLI lifeboat station.

Crew Bare All
Now that the community has decided to setup a new St Abbs Lifeboat independent of the RNLI. The St Abbs Market Traders are pleased to announce that they’ll be donating all the money raised from the sale of the calendar to the new St Abbs Lifeboat.

“We hope you like the “cheeky” views of St. Abbs and please bear in mind that a lot of the pictures were taken in March so it wasn’t as warm as it may look!” – Sue Dewhurst, Model.

How to get a hold of your copy

The calendar is on sale at £7.50 in the following locations:

  • Rock House, St. Abbs
  • St Abbs Post Office
  • Waddell’s fishmonger, Eyemouth
  • O’Brien Imaging, Eyemouth
  • Cafe Questo, Eyemouth
  • At the St Abbs Market, held every friday at the Ebba Centre, St Abbs.

You can order the calendar while stocks last from our online shop. Click Here to Buy a Calendar.

We like to thank all the traders at St Abbs Market for their support.

You can find out more about the Weekly St Abbs Friday Market here:

If you would like to make a donation to the new St Abbs Lifeboat you can do it now on our Just Giving page:


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